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Cut Rag

Cut Rag

Expanded Stems

Expanded Stems

Virginia & Burley Strip

Virginia &  Burley Strip

Cut Rag

We have more than Cut Rag for your market.

Tabacum has a highly experienced Research & Development team to work with you to find the optimum combination of price and quality Cut Rag to maximize your sales.

Whether it be Virginia, Natural or American style blends, Tabacum's focus is on cooperation with customers to develop customized blends for your market.

Filling Capacity

Tabacum's Cut Rag results
in more master cases
produced per kilo of tobacco.

Natural Flavor
Best Machine Runnability
Best Price/Quality Relationship

Key to our high blend quality:


Tabacum is directly in the
center of production of the
famous Brazilian full flavor
Virginia and Burley Tobacco.

Tabacum is vertically
integrated from the farmer to
the final Cut Rag in the box.

Current Cut Rag:


Is your current
Cut Rag problem:

loose end?

low rod firmness?

high rejection?

Tabacum Cut Rag:


Tabacum has
the solution.

increases runnability

less rejection

greater tobacco utilization